In New York, Apple would seek to prevent its employees from unionizing

This is confirmed: Apple would not see unions very favorably. We learn from Gizmodo that the Apple giant would resort to internal pressure, and would use what the media describes as ” business tactics to dissuade its employees from unionizing. In this case, the thing would be mainly observed in New York, where the employees of two stores located in Manhattan (the Apple Store located in the emblematic Grand Central Terminal and that of the World Trade Center) began to form unions.

Engadget reports that the union Communications Workers of America (CWA), very influential in the United States, has already filed a complaint against Apple for violations of federal labor laws. The firm would have put itself in the wrong by questioning employees of the Apple Store World Trade Center about their union activities. The group also reportedly lobbied to prevent the posting of union flyers in common areas, while pushing some workers to attend anti-union presentations.

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A similar policy previously conducted in Atlanta

This is not the first time that the CWA has accused Apple of discouraging any union inclination within its stores. Previously, the firm had indeed conducted a similar policy in Atlanta (Georgia). On the spot, the employees of an Apple Store (that of the Cumberland Mall) had already asked for union elections in April, following the first movements in this direction of their New York colleagues. This union momentum in the ranks of Apple aims to demand better wages and benefits, in particular.

We salute workers organizing at Apple and call on company management to reject union-busting tactics, so they can vote without interference or intimidation. “, for his part indicated the president of the antenna of the CWA in Atlanta. For its part Apple is rather discreet, preferring to draw attention to the salaries and benefits already offered to employees of its Apple Stores.

We are blessed with an incredible sales force and deeply appreciate all they bring to Apple. We are pleased to offer very strong compensation and benefits for full-time and part-time employees, including health care, tuition reimbursement, new parental leave, paid family leave, annual grants of shares and many other benefits “, had commented in particular an Apple spokesperson earlier this year.

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