International Telecommunications Day: technology at the service of the elderly

The Ministry of Communication, Digital Economy and Modernization of the Administration, in partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Development, organized this Tuesday, May 17, International Telecommunications Day at the Maison des Aînés.

Placed under the theme: “Digital technologies at the service of the elderly and healthy ageing”, the celebration of this day was an opportunity for the authorities to magnify the technological efforts made in favor of the elderly.

The commemoration of this edition was marked by the presence of the Minister of Communication, Digital Economy and Modernization of the Administration, Me Harouna TOUREH; the Minister of Health, Ms Diéminatou SANGARE; of the president of the Association of the elderly of Mali…

Also taking part were officials from central state services in charge of digital, health and the elderly.

After the words of welcome from the representative of the mayor of commune IV, the Minister of Health indicated that the theme of this day was of particular importance because of the link with the elderly in order to offer them a peaceful life after the efforts consented.

In view of these, she says, it is therefore necessary to make available to the elderly the progress made in the digital fields to ensure that they age harmoniously and gently.

“Digital technology makes it possible to reduce the distance and fill in certain gaps, particularly in the field of health and for the benefit of the elderly,” said Ms. Diéminatou SANGARE.

Taking into account the needs of the elderly, she stressed that Mali had initiated important actions aimed at the health and well-being of the population and particularly the elderly.

Among these initiatives, she cited: pension schemes, medical assistance health insurance, telemedicine, the unified social register, mobile payment of pensions, the institute for studies and research in geriatric geriatrics, the ‘ANTIM.

“Telecommunications and information and communication technologies have a role to play in enabling healthy ageing, in combating age discrimination, in ensuring financial inclusion for the elderly”, said added, for his part, Minister Harouna TOUREH.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Minister TOUREH recalled some achievements and ambitions of his department within the framework of the promotion of ICT and telecoms. To this end, he indicated that Mali aims to become a hub in the field of ICT by taking advantage of its area, its population, its diversity, etc.; to develop a “Smart City” strategy through the project called the Bamako digital complex supported by the Transition; to put in place a mechanism to protect and fight against cybercrime, among other things.

During this day, the opportunity was given to young talents in the field to discover their initiatives which will be beneficial to the elderly. These are digital solutions such as: e-nursing by ISOC, Sodocotoro and Yelenkoura.


Source: Info-Matin

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