iPhone: Apple wants to produce more phones outside of China!

Incredible ! According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple plans to increase production of iPhones and other products outside of China. MCE TV tells you everything from A to Z.

Apple: constantly evolving

Apple has not been resting on its laurels for several years now. It is always in constant evolution, thanks to its improvements, and to the development of its products that are always more innovative.

Thus, there are more than 300 million iPhones sold in 2021. It’s huge, and above all no surprise! Because the strategy of the global company is very good.

The goal is to innovate to please its loyal customers. So, as you may have noticed, the iPhone is not going out of style. The years pass and he is always more efficient and elegant.

The options are still great, and the quality is much better than previous editions. The giant even talked about creating a foldable iPhone:

“So a device can have a screen housed in a case. The screen may also include several pixels which produce images. A display cover layer can therefore cover the pixel array. »

“The display cover layer can even have a flat center area surrounded by an edge area with a curved section profile. From an on-axis viewing angle, an image on the pixel array is therefore visible through the flat central area and the peripheral edge area. »

That’s who would overshadow the nugget of Samsung ! But that’s not all ! Apple’s strategy does not stop there. Know that currently, there is a new objective. We tell you more below!

Farewell to China?

As you know, since the beginning, Apple has been working with China for the production of products. The vast majority of its products are therefore assembled on site.

Only here, there are now difficulties that are felt between the United States and China which conflict on several points.

A big problem for the firm that produces the iPhone. Moreover ! The health crisis also had a big impact on this decision-making. The reason ? China has a “zero Covid-19” policy, which is different from other countries.

Thus, China therefore wishes to permanently get rid of Covid-19. For this, confinement is mandatory, especially in Shanghai. What therefore jeopardizes the production of the iPhone.

The delivery time is much longer whether for MacBook Pro and other products. Something that does not delight customers!

Apple therefore wishes to increase the production of the products outside of China. So says the Wall Street Journal. India and Vietnam would be good replacements.

However, this transition is quite complicated at the moment cause of infrastructure and manpower. It is therefore a case to follow on MCE TV.

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