iPhone: How to Edit PDF on Apple Phone?

Do you know how to edit PDF on iPhone or iPad? If this is not the case, MCE TV tells you all about the procedure to follow!

If you’ve been searching for a long time on how to edit PDF on iPhone or iPad, MCE TV tells you all there is to know!

A simple step

Today, MCE TV shows you how to find these PDF tools. But before you start, make sure your iPhone or iPad is up to date.

First, you need to find your PDF files. These should be in the “Downloads” folder of the File app. However, via File, it is possible to check other file locations.

Once you have found the PDF file to edit, press “Open”. In the preview screen, swipe up and down to browse through the different pages of your PDF.

To make page-related edits, tap the three dots icon on the page you want to edit. Then rotate the page, delete it and add new blank or scanned pages.

For modifications, just use the annotation tools. It is accessed by tapping the pencil icon in the upper right corner.

You then come across a toolbar at the bottom of the screen. On the iPhone, this bar is fixed, while it must be slid to one side of the screen on the iPad.

Using your finger (or an Apple Pencil, if you’re on an iPad), draw using pen, pencil or highlighter tools (with the color selected in the wheel on the right of the toolbox).

To finish, press the + button for additional tools besides those mentioned above. This menu allows you to add a text box, a signature, a magnifying glass to read small text and predefined shapes.

iPhone 13: the best-selling phone in the world

The IDC institute recently published its first results on the smartphone market for the first quarter of the year 2022. And it seems that the iPhone 13 is the best-selling smartphone in the world. A success for Apple, which is suffering from a drop in mobile deliveries.

A decrease which is explained by » theConsumer sentiment in all regions, and particularly in China, is broadly negative, with strong concerns over inflation and economic instability that have dampened consumer spending.”

This is now on top of rising component and transport costs and recent shutdowns in Shanghai, which are exacerbating an already difficult situation.”

And the Russian-Ukrainian war does not improve the situation since the global decline is very marked in the region of Central and Eastern Europe.

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