Is Apple Preparing Its Own Foldable-Screen Kindle or iPhone?

Apple issued an official invitation yesterday Tuesday for the opening keynote of its famous Annual Developers Conference (WWDC) which will take place in California from June 6 to 10 and what that means for us is that we will probably see several rumors of new products or new services that could be put on sale eventually by Apple.

One of these rumors concerns the launch by Apple of a phone that would be foldable, a bit like what Samsung has been offering for a few years now on the side of the Galaxy Fold Z. This is not the first time that We hear it, but this time it’s taken over by a well-known analyst in the tech sector who is particularly well connected with Apple’s suppliers in Asia.

And what this analyst is saying is that Apple was working on a device that would be foldable but would actually have two screens. A first screen would have a color display like that of a current iPhone, while the other would use a technology called E-Ink like that found on digital book readers, for example, but in a color version.

This technology is rumored to go into the development of a new phone, but it could also serve as a second screen for an iPad tablet or even a Mac.

A “Kindle” signed Apple?

Color E-Ink technology has just hit the market and it would allow Apple to offer a new product that would not only showcase its own e-book store, simply called Books, but it could also be used to lather its Apple News+ service which includes a lot of magazine content and where a color screen like this could highlight the photos and visuals contained in this subscription service.

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