Is it an iPhone 14 Pro in this Thai ad for Apple Pay?

A video purporting to show an advertisement for Apple Pay caught our attention greatly as it includes an explicit depiction of the expected new iPhone 14 Pro design, which ditches the notch in favor of a camera hole and some sort of of pill for Face ID. But it is difficult to establish its authenticity.

The video that casts doubt on the iPhone 14 Pro

The video was posted on Youtube by Apple Archive Thailand. The 15-second clip is an animated commercial showing how Apple Pay can be used to ditch alphanumeric passwords in favor of Apple’s popular Face ID. However, after 7 seconds, we can see an iPhone with the controversial hole-punch camera that should replace the iPhone 13 notch on Apple’s future best iPhone, the iPhone 14 Pro, whose presentation is scheduled for next September.

pub apple pay iphone 14 pro thai

While such a leaked video has never happened before, this one still looks very well done and is hosted by a channel that includes many other official Apple videos. As noted, the supposed leak also lines up precisely with what we’ve heard from multiple iPhone 14 Pro design leaks and rumors. The style of the ad is also consistent with Apple’s spots. But let’s keep in mind that this could just be a concept from a YouTuber wanting to make a name for himself.

Either way, with the September launch window fast approaching, we don’t have long to wait to find out if this is indeed the design the new iPhone 14 Pro will adopt. The regular iPhone 14 is expected to keep much of the same design as the iPhone 13, but it would ditch the “mini” variant in favor of a 6.7-inch “Max” version that might be slightly behind schedule. For the rest, we expect a 120 Hz screen improves with the mode always-on, a 48 Mp rear camera, and an A16 chip, among others. All under iOS 16, of course.

Finally, here is the famous video:

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