Ivorian Adams Ousmane Diaby uses technology to secure leasing

(Agence Ecofin) – In Côte d’Ivoire, Adams Ousmane Diaby has found a way to reinvent the sale of equipment on credit for businesses and individuals. A remote control device allows him to monitor the goods supplied and guarantee payment by the purchaser on time.

Onloutou is an Ivorian company that has found a way to reduce the risk of non-payment in the context of consumer goods equipment rental contracts. It offers those who wish to obtain devices such as televisions or freezers, without having to pay the full amount at the time of acquisition.

Adams Ousmane Diaby, the promoter, explains that the process is quite simple. The potential customer only needs his identity document. Once the equipment is purchased, his company delivers it and installs the control device. If the purchaser fails in his obligations to pay, a command can be used to deactivate the device remotely.

The device also makes it possible to offer after-sales service. If a piece of equipment fails, an intervention team arrives at the user’s premises to fix the problem. ” We have built software and hardware that allows you to control all household appliances located in real time on a dedicated card, in the event of theft or an unpaid bill. After payment, we activate the television, the freezer, automatically “.

Trained as a nurse, Ousmane Diaby was for a time interested in the audiovisual field which occupied his days between 1987 and 2007. With Olountou, he began another phase of his professional career. His company has representations in Gabon, Burkina-Faso and Guinea.

It should nevertheless be remembered that consumer credit remains very difficult to access for many people in Africa. Solutions like these are still struggling to interest financial companies.


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