Jony Ive thought up the design of a next revolutionary Apple product

It’s no longer a secret, Apple has in its boxes a augmented reality glasses project. This project could be divided into three stages. For the first, it would be a question of introducing an augmented reality helmet to the general public, around 2022-2023. Around 2025, Apple would unveil its augmented reality glasses. Finally, by 2030, the minimization of the product would have reached its climax, with connected lenses boosted by augmented reality.

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The technologies that will underpin this project are expected at the turn. It will be essential for Apple to introduce them in an ergonomic way and above all to meet a real need among users.

The other important point will be the design, both helmet and goggles. And precisely, on this subject, according to the site The Information, Jonathan Iveformer iconic designer of the Californian firm, would have had a say in the style of these Apple Glass.

Here is what you can read in the article:

“Ive continued to tweak the headset’s design. While earlier prototypes had the battery in the headband, he prefers a design that would tether the headset to a battery the user wears, similar to Magic Leap’s headset design. It couldn’t be learned if this approach will make it into the final design.”

And the translation: “Ive (Jonathan Ive) has continued to refine the design of the helmet. While the first prototype (of the product) integrated the battery into the headband, he (J. Ive) imagined a remote solution, with the battery carried by the user. It is not known if this solution was chosen for the final version of the product however.

Tim Cook has already said in the past that, even if J. Ive was no longer an employee of the Californian firm, the latter did not hesitate to consult the designer and his firm regarding the design of Apple products being developed.

Jony Ive made the legend of Apple

As a reminder, J. Ive has signed the design of iconic appliances, including iPhone, iPod, Mac mini, but also iMac, iPad, MacBook and Apple Watch. He served alongside Steve Jobs and Tim Cook for thirty years.

In his minimalist style, we hope that the man will sign with the Apple Glass, one of his greatest successes. It would also be one of his biggest projects. Because, in addition to the battery problem, according to the latest news, the helmet would integrate no less 14 cameras… Good luck, Sir.

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