Laury Thilleman separated from Juan Arbelaez: the chef finds a smile in Cannes, noticed appearance

On May 17, Laury Thilleman and Juan Arbelaez made a shocking announcement on social media. After seven years of love, including three years of marriage, the couple decided to separate. It is with great respect and tenderness towards each other that they shared the news without going into the details of what had led to their breakup. Since then, not a word from them on the subject but notable appearances to prove that all is well.

Juan Arbelaez was notably preview on the Cannes red carpet Friday evening on the occasion of the climb of the steps of the film Masquerade by Nicolas Bedos, as part of the 75th edition of the Festival. Dressed for the occasion, in a black suit with a bow tie, the Colombian chef revealed in Top chef in 2012 willingly posed in front of the multitude of photographers while displaying her best smile. (See our slideshow).

Juan Arbelaez had reason to be happy given the royal welcome to which he was entitled upon landing on the Croisette. Indeed, invited by AirFrance with which he has a partnership, the ace of the stove was able to stay at the famous Martinez hotel, crowned with 5 stars. And that’s not all, he had the privilege of tasting exceptional gourmet dishes, in a no less remarkable villa, prepared by renowned chef Fran├žois Adamski. Memorable moments that he did not fail to reveal in story Instagram and it makes you dream!

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