Les Touristes – “I’m crying with laughter”, “mythical”: Booder’s level of English makes internet users hilarious

While he had to serve a foreign client, Booder had some difficulty speaking in the language of Shakespeare…

This Friday, May 27, Arthur presents his program “Les Touristes” on TF1. During this edition, the guests are in a luxury hotel in Versailles and must serve the customers. A sometimes complicated mission for them who are forced to speak English. A language that is not always practiced to perfection… especially for comedian Booder.

It made people laugh a lot. This Friday, May 27, Arthur presents “Les Touristes” on TF1. For this show, Virginie Hocq, Booder, Claude Tagbo, Chris Marques, Cartman and Issa Doumbia are the guests. They find themselves in a luxury hotel near the Palace of Versailles to serve customers, used to being pampered and receiving the best. The winners of each event will receive a badge: the one with the most will be the big winner and will have their name on the restaurant menu. St├ęphanie Rambaud, director of the establishment, will guide the participants during their missions. Last year, the show welcomed other guests such as Ahmed Sylla and Iris Mittenaere.

Video. Arthur’s minute

But among their hardships, you have to speak English to adapt to foreign customers. And this is not the specialty of all the participants… This is the case, for example, of the comedian Booder, who also participated last year and who returned with pleasure. His English is not really perfect, but despite everything, Internet users recognized each other and laughed a lot at the situation.

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