Like Apple with the iPhone Fold, Google is taking its time with the Pixel Fold

If you are waiting for a folding smartphone from Google, we can only wish you good luck! Indeed, the latest rumors are unanimous on the fact that a new postponement of 2 to 3 years is planned.

The Pixel Fold once again delayed

Google is taking its time when it comes to producing a foldable smartphone. The brand has never officially declared that it was working on this segment, but just like Apple, we suspect that it has ideas in mind and prototypes in the offices.

This smartphone, generally called Pixel Fold by the tech press, has been desired for several years and given the latest information, this is not about to change. As reported by The Elec, the American giant has once again delayed the launch of its folding smartphone.

The reason, the product would not meet the expectations of the company. Remember that the Pixel Fold has been talked about since 2019 and was announced by rumors for the end of 2021.

In terms of features, there is a 5.8-inch exterior screen and a 7.6-inch interior screen. The phone would be equipped with an ultra-thin glass shell and the OLED panels would be provided by Samsung.

pixel fold concept

Unlike Samsung, which is just moving into the field, Google would like to take its time to develop a chip as well as a coherent ecosystem that would be perfectly suited to this type of smartphone. A way of proceeding which is reminiscent of that of Apple.

Speaking of Apple, the iPhone Fold isn’t at a very advanced stage either. The many latest rumors evoke a significant delay and an official release for 2024 or even 2025.

The apple would not be in a hurry to release this product and would wait for the market to mature. Note that she could quite consider abandoning the project definitively if she realizes that this style of phone does not interest more than that.

Finally, we are waiting to see which of Google or Apple will draw its folding smartphone first. It’s up to you to give us your opinion and your expectations.

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