Marriage of Ilona Smet and Kamran Ahmed: unpublished photos of the bride and groom, the magnificent future mother!

Obélix from the people press, she fell into it when she was little and never really left the pot. His favorite pastime? Scan the social networks of stars to unearth clues about breakups or new couples still kept secret.

The year 2022 is to be marked with a white stone for the Hallyday clan. The eldest of David Hallyday and Estelle Lefébure, Ilona, ​​will not only become a mother for the first time but also married the father of her future child, Kamran. A happiness of which she shared new unpublished photos on Instagram.

Ilona Smet is on her cloud and she doesn’t seem to be coming down. It must be said that everything smiles on the young woman of 27 years. Model for many brands – she also paraded in 2017 for the Etam label -, the beautiful blonde also made an appearance in one of Kendji Girac’s clips, Obviously. The filming also gave a follow-up to the ideas of the fans who saw them forming a very beautiful couple. It was finally nothing. The singer coos in the arms of a mysterious woman, mother of his daughter, whose identity he keeps secret. As for Ilona Smet, it has been a long time since she is no longer a heart to take.

It has been ten years since Johnny Hallyday’s granddaughter has shared the daily life of Kamran Ahmed, a young man working in the financial world in Monaco. A world far from his which is undoubtedly the cement of the couple. After so many years spent together, no breakup or indecision in sight, quite the contrary! After announcing that she was pregnant with their first child, Ilona Smet said ‘yes’ to her during a magnificent ceremony of which she shared several memories on social networks.

On her Instagram account this Friday, May 27, Ilona Smet posted new photos of her and her young husband. Color selfie or black and white portrait, the spouses are swimming in happiness and let it be known thanks to their huge smiles and their knowing looks in front of the camera. Ilona Smet had chosen a long flowing white dress whose top was dressed in lace. An outfit that made her the most beautiful of the day and that especially highlighted her adorable baby bump.

This April 16, 2022, their wedding day, Ilona Smet and Kamran Ahmed are not about to forget it. In legend, the future mother also split a beautiful statement to her man: “The happiest day of my life! Almost ten years of love and every day I love you even more. I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you.“A love that should increase tenfold in the weeks to come…

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