Mayenne: A spectator under hypnosis is injured during the show of the famous hypnotist Messmer in Laval by falling from the stage

Sunday afternoon, the hypnotist Messmer performed at L’Espace Mayenne in Laval (Mayenne) for his show. France Bleu reports that, during the show, a spectator fell while he was on the stage.

The man “particularly receptive to the waves of the Quebec artist”, spotted by the hypnotist, went up on the stage. “The other spectators know that you have to be careful. There are white stripes not to cross, at the risk of falling”, indicate our colleagues.

Messmer then makes the hypnotized man believe that he is a guitarist from the group Kiss. Moments later, the audience member falls off the stage. According to our colleagues, after his fall, he suffered a broken left collarbone and a sprained right wrist. Wounds that fall badly for the man who is a musician.

Following several weeks of planned convalescence, he is forced to stop his plans. “He hopes to obtain financial compensation”, specifies France Bleu. For its part, Messmer’s production claims to be “in contact with the injured spectator”.

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