Meta: a 19-page memorandum against Apple

With the approach of WWDC, it seems that some do not mince their words to criticize Apple. After Epic Games, it’s the turn of Meta (Facebook) to split 19 pages of comments for the report of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration on the application ecosystem.

The group once again denounces Apple’s position on the sector and the competitiveness of the application market.showing the hardening of relations between the two. Despite having some of the most popular applications in the world, Meta’s ability to innovate its products and services and even reach its customers is dependent – and in some cases, significantly limited – by the most popular mobile operating systems. popular, such as iOS.

Also, Meta accused Apple to have a business model [qui] locks consumers into iOS devices and deters them from switching to Android. Thus he does echoing criticism from many small tech companies and developers. Note that Google is also targeted in this report for its own attitude on the Android market.

On his side, Apple responded that the App Store is a economic driver favorable to consumers and application developers. Nor did she remain inactive by repeatedly publishing studies (which she admittedly commissioned) in order to defend her position, and in particular, its small business program.

She even told our American colleagues that she believed in dynamic and competitive markets raising the active role and engine of growth that is the App Storewhich would have helped millions of developers around the world turn their brightest ideas into world-changing apps. Moreover, she did not fail to point out that the Third-party apps, including Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, are some of the most popular apps on the App Store. We have a vested interest in supporting a strong community of developers, and we intend to stay that way.

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