Millau. “Pizza meetings” for Jean-Christophe Cazorla

Friday, the RN officially launched the campaign of Jean-Christophe Cazorla and Inchati Aboudou on the 3rd district. “We’ve been working on it for five years, actively listening to our fellow citizens. We didn’t have fun making big meetings or making noise, we preferred “pizza meetings” and raising concerns. I’m convinced that we can do something here. What I like in Jean-Christophe, that he will not be a deputy for the apparatus, but a deputy for the department”, introduced Bruno Leleu, departmental manager of the National Rally. Going around the competition, this one evoked “the former mayor of Millau labeled LR. He should have joined forces with Jean-François Rousset and LREM, it’s the same thing. Mr. Abad is the very example of this by becoming Macron’s minister, or the president of the Department, when he was in the front row of the president’s meeting in Figeac. The candidate Nupes, he is the mixture of carp and rabbit, it is the swimming pool which hides the burka. We see it, there is three blocks, including ours. What we will do is what we propose: fight against medical deserts, promote mobility, reindustrialization and employment.”

For the occasion, Jean-Paul Garraud, MEP, was in Millau. He too made a long plea in favor of the National Rally which he joined “out of conviction” four years ago after being at the UMP. Present to support Jean-Christophe Cazorla, the candidate does not know how to put forward. Asked if he would be a great present in the hemicycle, he replied: “I’m used to working in my kitchen so I start early and finish late. I’ll be a good student, I’ll do Friday and Saturday evenings in my restaurant, my wife is there.” The final word went to Bruno Leleu: “An RN deputy is worth three.”

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