Mister V officially diamond pizza: 700,000 sales

Long considered thee Tiger Woods pizzaMister V aka Kevino Delamama is a true food mania who has established himself as the figurehead of the new transalpine culinary wave, a symbol of greatness and hope because everything has succeeded in him. In just 3 months, he already achieves all its goals thanks to its 2 new original recipes; pizza six cheese and the chicken royal that many of you have loved.

With over 750,000 saleshe receives 3 new certificateswell deserved: a golden pizza (50,000 sales), a argento’s pizza (100,000 sales), and even a diamond pizza with over 500,000 sales.

the almost immediate success for its pizzas available in Auchan or Carrefour supermarkets at the price of 3€95.

The Double Diamanto is approaching! Until then, return to Bonifacio with the pizza maker.

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