Morocco and Israel sign 13 memorandums of understanding on high-tech industries

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Morocco and Israel signed, on Tuesday, thirteen memorandums of understanding in the field of innovation and high-tech industry, while continuing joint steps between the two parties to strengthen the agreement to normalize relations signed end of 2020.

This is what emerges from the work of the forum “Morocco-Israel: Communicate for innovation”, organized from May 23 to 25 in Casablanca by private companies, according to the Moroccan official agency.

During the event, thirteen joint memorandums of understanding related to the development of innovative solutions were signed with the aim of strengthening bilateral trade activities between economic and commercial actors of both parties and unifying their government agencies.

The first objective of the event is to anchor solid foundations for business opportunities between Morocco and Israel, to enable companies from both sides to realize added value for these sectors and to explore the possibility of offering more services. tech job opportunities in the Kingdom.

Avi Hassoun, CEO of the Moroccan NGO “Star Up Central”, pointed out that the Kingdom offers an appropriate framework that helps innovation and that it allows the improvement of a new development model that places transformation at the center of his concerns.

“We seek to forge strong relations between Moroccan and Israeli companies, because innovation essentially requires the establishment of broad and strong cooperation that allows interconnection between the different systems,” he added.

A pre-recorded speech by Israeli President Isaac Herzog was broadcast during the opening ceremony, with the participation of the adviser to the Moroccan monarch, André Azoulay, ministers and officials.

*Translated from Arabic by Malèk Jomni

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