Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+,…: the stratospheric figures of streaming platforms, one earthling in six subscribers!

One in six earthlings pays a subscription every month. An impressive result that does not even take account sharing or hacking into account. In their conquest of new audiences, the giants of the sector are fighting with tens of billions of dollars.

Who would have imagined, barely three years ago, when the 7th art was accumulating world revenue records, that a “simple” coronavirus would be enough to undermine this powerful and extremely wealthy entertainment industry? And yet, today, the cinema must yield its throne to a competition of which it is not even yet the golden age.

According to a recent report by the Motion Picture Association (MPA), one in six people on our planet (or 1.3 billion of the 7.8 billion earthlings) subscribed to streaming platforms in 2021. For comparison, when Netflix innovated by launching its video on demand service in 2007, when it had 7.32 million subscribers. This shows the phenomenal importance taken by Netflix, Disney +, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Apple TV +, Peacoc, Paramount + and others in just a few years.

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