Netflix: the programs not to miss in June 2022


In June on Netflix, it’s the big return of Peaky Blinders for a last stand that promises to be very political. You will also be able to (re)watch two animated classics: Akira and Spider-Man: Next Generation.


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June on Netflix will be the month of great comebacks: that of Tommy Shelby and his Peaky Blindersthat of theUmbrella Academythat of the robbers of Money Heist South Korean version, and even that of the excellent Danish political series Borgenwhich returns for an unexpected season 4 after almost a decade of absence.

On the film side, the month will begin and end with two masterpieces of animation: Akira and Spider-Man: Next Generation. Blockbuster lovers on testosterone will have a blast in front of Spiderhead with Chris Hemsworth, while fans of French absurdity will rather opt for The deerby Quentin Dupieux (even if you can quite like both).


Event of the month: Peaky Blindersseason 6, June 10

Already broadcast in England on BBC One, season 6 of Peaky Blinders is finally coming to us on Netflix. If we are to believe the first images, the finale should be up to this monument of the British series. The new episodes will pick up where the plot left off at the end of the previous season: with a cornered Tommy Shelby facing the fascist Oswald Mosley. We expect a story that is more political than ever, carried as always by elegant and neat photography, and a deliciously anachronistic soundtrack. The casting should also bring satisfaction since we find the bulk of the workforce, including Anya Taylor-Joy, whose career has exploded since her debut in the series. On the other hand, no Polly in this final season since her interpreter, Helen McCrory, unfortunately died before filming. It will be necessary to be solid to do without such a capital character.

We are curious: Umbrella Academyseason 3, June 22

Umbrella Academy is a funny series. Never brilliant, never failed for all that, this adaptation of an American comic strip does not arouse enthusiasm like a Stranger Things for example, but its means of production and its cast nevertheless make it one of the great titles of Netflix in recent years. After two rather successful first seasons without being outstanding, this sequel will have to hit hard to escape cancellation, given the situation in which the Los Gatos platform finds itself. By introducing the concept of parallel dimensions – fashionable lately – she takes the risk of stepping out of her comfort zone. Here again, the first images seem rather promising to us, largely thanks to the best asset of the series: its characters, very well written and for the most part quite endearing. We’ll see if this superhero team will rise to the occasion.

We will be happy to see: Spider-Man: Next GenerationJune 30

For many people, Spider-Man: Next Generation is simply the best superhero movie in history. It must be said that at a time when Marvel is pouring into the almost serial saga without really caring about the cinematographic work of its films, the anime directed by Peter Ramsey, Bob Persichetti and Rodney Rothman is out of place. By mixing several styles of animation, by multiplying the ambitious shots and above all by exploding the colorimetry, the film manages to go further than its already very good story, and the critics were not mistaken. It is also an opportunity to discover a panoply of alternative spider-men, starting with Miles Morales, the main protagonist of the story. It’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s impressive, in short, a real success which will also be entitled to a sequel in 2023.

And besides that ?

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But also

  • Loloby Julie Delpy – June 1st
  • Keep Sweet: Pray and be quietdocumentary series – June 8
  • At the time of lures: the internet of crimesseries – June 15
  • Dead End: Paranormal Parkcartoon – June 16
  • Black Snake: The Legend of the Black SnakeFrench comedy – June 22
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