new Pride 2022 wristbands now available in Apple Stores

Two new Apple Watch Pride 2022 straps are unveiled by Applethe day before yesterday : the Sport Loop strap and the Nike Sport Loop strap. At launch, they were available for purchase only on the manufacturer’s website. Now, they land in physical Apple Stores.

Apple Watch Pride 2022 bracelets available in Apple Stores

Here’s how Apple describes the Sport Loop band:

Inspired by the strength and inclusiveness that exists in the LGBTQ+ community, the Sport Pride Edition Loop features a gradient that combines the colors of the Pride flag with five others: black and brown that represent marginalized LGBTQ+ people of color as well as people living with HIV and those who have died from it. Pale blue, pink and white pay homage to trans people and non-binary people.

Like all Sport Loop models, the strap has a double layer of braided nylon, a soft and light material. In order to reproduce the colors of the Pride flag, certain textile loops have been removed producing a three-dimensional texture perceptible to the eye and to the touch. On the flap, the scratches are firmly fixed to ensure resistance to any test. The velcro closure system adjusts easily and quickly.

And for the Nike Sport Loop strap, the manufacturer writes:

Lightweight, breathable and soft to the touch, the Nike Pride Edition Sport Loop is made of woven nylon inspired by Nike’s BeTrue collection, an initiative to promote equality in sport. Its Velcro flap system adjusts easily while its many small loops on the skin side form a soft surface allowing moisture to escape. On the flap, the scratches are firmly fixed to ensure resistance to any test.

The price to pay to buy a model is always the same, either 49 euros, whether for the Sport Loop or Nike Sport Loop model. The bracelets are available in two sizes, namely 41 or 45 mm.

Separately, the band also offered new Apple Watch Pride 2022 watch faces. These are available to all users who use an Apple Watch Series 4 (or newer model) on watchOS 8.6 (or newer) connected to an iPhone 6s (or later) running iOS 15.5 (or later). They just need to run thewatch app installed by default on iPhone to see and use the dial.

iPhone 13 Apple Watch case: new Pride 2022 bracelets now available in Apple Stores

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