Nielles-lès-Calais: a distributor of fresh pizzas next to local products

The vast Ferme d’Opale car park, in Nielles-lès-Calais at the exit of Fréthun, has just been enriched with new services.

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Since last week, Mickaël Gaillard, creator of the Francôpizza brand, has installed his eighth pizza box, a real automatic pizzeria where 24 hours a day, 7 days a weekare offered fourteen varieties of fresh pizzas.

Bake in four minutes

Our pizzas are made and integrated every day in the distributor whose sales are managed by computer “, says Mickaël Gaillard. Seven years ago, he launched this revolutionary concept in the region and at the same time registered his brand. He bought the Lottinghen mill to produce his flour. ” It is the Welsh pizza which is the most successful but the Gaillarde, the most copious which refers to our family name and the Ch’ti are also in great demand. “, announces the pizza maker. The pizzas are served baked and hot in four minutes but they can be available cold, self-service, to be cooked at home.

Distributor of local products right next door

A few meters from this pizza box, Isabelle and Florent Calais, the owners of the Ferme de la Tour have, since the beginning of the year, opened their local produce vending machine, which also works continuously all year round. Eggs, freshly picked vegetables, fruit from their farm and products from the Opal Farm’s early produce can be purchased.

Mickaël Gaillard's eighth pizza box is located in Nielles-les-Calais.
Mickaël Gaillard’s eighth pizza box is located in Nielles-les-Calais. – VDN

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