“Our daughter is in a vegetative state”, the overwhelming testimony of the parents of a victim

Léna, 12, is “locked in her body» after eating a Buitoni pizza contaminated with E. coli. Stunned, his parents say they “lost [leur] daughter”.

“She was near death. She is now locked in her body”. This is how Cédric, this 49-year-old father, describes the ordeal suffered by his child. “Because of a 5-ball pizza”, he blurts out, shaken and shocked. And also helpless in the face of Léna, his 12 and a half year old daughter, lying on a hospital bed and whose voice he would so much like to hear again. “But she no longer speaks, no longer hears, no longer sees, no longer walks”he enumerates without daring to seize the medical term which would pose a diagnosis too brutal. “She is in a vegetative state”, he whispers, staring into space. Overwhelmed with grief, his companion, Sophie, evokes this immense emptiness which now annihilates their lives and breaks their nights: “We lost our daughter”. She is a carer, he is a technician, but both are now off work for depression.

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This family who…

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