Our selection of technological objects to watch over seniors

Falls, poor hydration, lack of activity… Technology offers us effective means of looking after our elders without invading them.

The Orpea scandal has revived concerns. Should we risk abandoning our parents to the organized abuse of places of death at prohibitive prices? The answer is obviously no. But what to do with the loss of autonomy of the elderly? Between 5 and 13% of people over 60 would be affected. Balance disorders, undernutrition, memory loss, disorientation, withdrawal… So many dangers lurk and risk getting worse. If the home no longer represents the salutary asylum of yesteryear, technology makes it possible to compensate for the lack of family presence by recreating the link at a distance as well as by exercising surveillance of the person’s activities. We present to you an anthology of effective and easy-to-implement solutions.

1• Simplified Mobile

Clear and powerful sound, easy-to-read screen, intuitive interface, assistance button with geolocation… The Doro 8050 smartphone (€209, Doro.com ) has been designed to meet the specific needs of seniors. Just say…

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