Pizza Cozy multi-franchisees open a new pizzeria in Nîmes

The Saint-Etienne fast-good pizzeria chain Pizza Cozy is continuing its franchise development with the opening, in Nîmes, of a new restaurant run by two partners, multi-franchisees of the chain: Thomas and Cyril.


The start-up that dusts off the Pizza market

The only Fast-Good pizzeria concept in France

Multi-franchisees open the 51st Pizza Cozy pizzeria in Nîmes

“Some time after our first opening, we were already thinking about multi-franchising and particularly settling in Nîmes. A very beautiful city in which we were keen to undertake! We are also very happy with our location, located opposite the arena! We can’t wait to introduce the concept and the products to the people of Nîmois and Nîmoises! »testify the two multi-franchisees at the origin of the 51st pizzeria of the Pizza Cozy network.

The two entrepreneurs, Thomas and Cyril, have just repeated the experience just two years after opening their first pizzeria in Avignona sign of their confidence in the fast-good concept of the pizzeria brand from Saint-Etienne.

An inauguration for the benefit of an association

For’inauguration of their new Pizza Cozy pizzeria in Nîmeson March 23, Thomas and Cyril set up a commercial operation: pizza for only €1.

Besides, all the funds raised during this inauguration evening of the Pizza Cozy pizzeria in Nîmes were donated to the charity Smile for Childs.

If you too, like Thomas and Cyril, would like open a pizzeria with a brand positioned on fast good and in full development, go to the Pizza Cozy franchise sheet to find out more.

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