Pizza delivery people are scarce

The labor shortage is also affecting pizzerias. Several pizza restaurants are seeing their sales decline due to the lack of delivery men and women.

The price of gasoline often discourages potential employees.

“The delivery people use their own car, so they are more difficult to recruit since it is a bit scary,” admits Sébastien Abbatiello, marketing director at Pizza Salvatoré.

He explains that to combat this reluctance, Pizza Salvatoré asks delivery people to fill out a document listing the model of the vehicle, the mileage and the fuel consumption per 100 km.

“Then on their phone, it calculates how much it cost them in gas, maintenance and repair, and depreciation. Thus, they see how much they have left in their pockets, ”said Mr. Abbatiello.

However, delivery requests have exploded in recent months. In the United States, delivery requests are up 6%, and we see the same phenomenon in Quebec.

Restaurants sometimes have no choice but to turn to big delivery companies, like Uber Eats and Doordash, which take a large percentage of revenue.

“Delivery times tend to be a little longer in their busy hours,” confirms Élisabeth Abbatiello, vice-president, communication and outreach at Pizza Salvatoré.

She explains that the chain observes that more and more people decide to order their food online and decide to pick it up in store to avoid too long delays.

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