Pizza Hut open May 26, 2022

There are many holidays in May and if you like the Pizza Hut sign, you are probably wondering if your favorite Pizza Hut restaurant near you will be open or not on Thursday, May 26, 2022, Ascension. Let’s take a look in this article.

Thursday May 26, 2022 is a public holiday in France. In many companies in France, public holidays are not worked, but this is not the case in all companies (hospitals, television, electricity distributors, gas distributors, etc.) work so that we can benefit from these services 365 days a year). Is Pizza Hut open or closed on May 26, 2022?

Pizza Hut open or closed on May 26?

According to the website, Pizza Hut stores will all be open on May 26, 2022. We have not been able to check all the Pizza Hut stores present throughout France so we advise you to check for yourself as there are often exceptions.

How to check the opening hours?

  1. Click on the button below
  2. You will arrive on google with the keyword “Pizza Hut” already filled in
  3. Add the city of your Pizza Hut Store near you (Ex. Add “Paris” to the search “Pizza Hut” already filled in to have “Pizza Hut Paris”
  4. Check the store near you for opening hours.

Pizza Hut: did you know?

Pizza Hut (in French: La Hutte à Pizzas) is a fast food restaurant chain of Mexican origin specializing in pizzas, claiming more than 13,500 restaurants and franchises in 29 countries. It established its first restaurant in France in 1987 and currently has 120 restaurants in the territory.

Most Piiza Hut brands follow two types of concept: home delivery and take-out.

In addition to its flagship product, Pizza Hut also offers pastas, salads and desserts whose recipes are adapted according to different cultures and different regions of the globe.

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