Pizzas Buitoni: seven new families file a complaint

The health scandal around Buitoni pizzas is far from over. According to information from RTLconfirmed by BFM TV, seven new families have decided to file a complaint against Buitoni, which belongs to the Nestlé group. It is the lawyer already requested by many victims, Me Richard Legrand, who must file these complaints this Friday, May 27 at the Paris court. The plaintiffs indicate that their children were contaminated, like the others, with the bacterium E. coli. Information that should not help the group’s business while a judicial investigation has been open since May 12, according to BMFTV.

Questioned by RTL, the lawyer confirms the facts: “It has unfortunately turned their daily lives upside down. There is always permanent medical monitoring”, he said, judging in passing the “dramatic” situation, for the children, who spend “d ‘a normal life to a life in hospitals’. Parents also complain because their careers can be turned upside down. With RTL, Richard Legrand wants “all the light to be shed on this affair”. He also says he expects a conviction and compensation for his clients.

Children still sick

As a reminder, two children died of contamination with E. coli bacteria after consuming pizzas from the “Fraîch’Up” range. Many other children have fallen ill and some still have sequelae such as kidney failure. On April 23, around fifty parents decided to file a complaint against the brand so that “no child would end up in the hospital for a simple piece of pizza”. In total, more than fifty cases have been detected in the country.

At the beginning of May, we learned that other people were filing a complaint against Buitoni and Nestlé about two new ranges of pizzas. A woman was reportedly infected with two bacteria (E. coli and Shigella). She says she ate a pizza from the “Bella Napoli” range. In the process, Me Richard Legrand had affirmed that a third range could be concerned, the “Stone oven”. While searches had taken place on the site of Caudry (North) on April 13, the factory had been closed. Nestlé also had to apologize at the end of April for having offered vouchers to the families of the victims.

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