Pollet puts technology in detergents

The family business has been working for several years to develop a new generation of products based on the virtues of certain “good” bacteria.

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Lhe Pollet company is one of the oldest Belgian family companies still in operation. A plaque at the entrance to the building it occupies in the Orcq economic activity park (Tournai) gives information on the year of its foundation, 1763, and then the succession of generations who have led it and shaped it according to the changes . Since the company was first an oil mill, then became a soap factory and has specialized in detergent products for several decades.

From these, the company has developed several ranges that it markets, most often via a distributor, to three types of customers: local authorities, cleaning companies and also industrial companies. In recent years, its innovation efforts have largely focused on a new generation of products whose particularity is based on the virtues of duly chosen bacteria. In this case, we speak of “bacterial” or, better, “probiotic” detergents.

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