Pro Darts 2022+: a simulation for darts fans on Apple Arcade

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Announced earlier this month, Pro Darts 2022+ is finally coming to us, at least for Apple Arcade subscribers. This is the latest title from iWare Designs which also brings games like Pro Snooker 2022+ to the platform. You will have understood, this time we are talking about a simulation of darts, a very popular sport in England for example.

Discover Pro Darts 2022+

iWare Designs Presents Pro Darts 2022; one of the most complete and easy to play darts games available on mobile phones.

With fully textured 3D environments, custom and specialized targets for classic and lesser-known game types, and millions of dart combinations to create, Pro Darts 2022 is the complete game for casual and hardcore gamers alike. especially thanks to its gameplay à la Angry Birds. It’s very easy to start playing, but obviously getting the high scores will take time. Watch the video trailer:

Game features:

  • Training: progress by playing alone
  • Quick Match: Play a custom match against a friend, family member, or the computer
  • Championship: Participate in championships over 3, 5, 7 or 9 rounds and make the highest score to win
  • Tournament: put your nerves to the test in 4-round elimination tournaments
  • Configure up to 4 unique player profiles
  • Dart configuration system offers millions of combinations of shafts, shafts, shaft colors, fin shapes and textures
  • Innovative assistance system to learn how to hit the most difficult doubles and triples
  • 3 levels of camera on the toe to adapt to all playing styles
  • Rookie to Legend Ranking System
  • 28 computer-controlled opponents whose names can be changed
  • Over 10 unique targets including: American, Darts-Golf, Big Score, Quadro, Mini Target, Snooker, Yorkshire, Five and Single Target, each with multiple color options
  • Play 301, 401, 501, 601, 701 and 1001 on loads of custom targets
  • Play the Clock with special Doubles and Triples variations
  • Play Darts-Snooker on three custom targets and the standard target
  • Play Darts-Golf on three custom targets
  • Play Five Mode at 305, 405, 505, 605, 705 and 1005 on Five London Small Target or Five Ipswich Large Target
  • Play Cricket Darts
  • Full control of the number of sets and innings per match
  • Multiplayer game modes including ‘Play Online’, ‘Local Network’ and ‘Pass-and-Play’
  • Over 25 achievements to collect locally.
  • Track your progress and achievements locally in the new 3D trophy room

The game is compatible with controllers on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. iOS 13 minimum is required, like all Apple Arcade games, as well as a subscription to the service. Localized into English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, American English, Canadian English, Canadian French, and Mexican Spanish.

Download the game Pro Darts 2022+

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