“Reader” apps: external links authorized by Apple are starting to appear

The first content consultation applications (“reader” in the Newspeak Apple) to display an external link to their stores on the web begin to appear. The button Login of the Netflix app now displays a link netflix.com/join which launches a modal window warning the user that he is going to quit the application and access a website.

The Netflix app three days ago // The Netflix app after installing the 14.37.0 update.

This window also indicates (hard to miss) that the upcoming transactions ” will no longer be made with Apple “. The short explanatory text below specifies that the App Store account, registered payment methods and related functions (subscription management, refund requests) will not be available. At last, ” Apple is not responsible for the privacy or security of any transactions with this developer. “.

The button Learn more links to this App Store article, ” About app transactions on external websites “. The manufacturer emphasizes that ” only purchases made in the App Store are secured by Apple » and that he « cannot guarantee the privacy and security of your data “.

The article also indicates that refund requests cannot be taken into account by the App Store, it will have to go directly through the developer. Finally, last recommendation: If you’d rather not create an account or make a purchase on an external website, you can request the developer to take over payments through the App Store “. In the case of Netflix, it’s a waste of time, the platform no longer wants to hear about in-app purchases taxed at 15 or 30%.

This text and the warnings in the modal window are something to think twice about, but Netflix is ​​only applying the terms of the contract offered by Apple to “reader” apps in March. And which allows the platform to finally integrate an external link to its own payment system.

“Reader” consultation apps can integrate an external link to their website

“Reader” consultation apps can integrate an external link to their website

This novelty, which seems like a small thing (but for which Apple put the brakes on the four irons before having it imposed by the courts) is reserved for apps allowing you to view content such as videos, music, books… It is visible under iOS 15.5.


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