Roasted feta, sauce for raw vegetables, and Neapolitan pizza… Three simple recipes for the aperitif

What if we changed peanuts and chips? Gregory Cohen publishes “Share. 70 simple and user-friendly recipes” published by La Martinière, a collection book of often simple recipes resulting from its collaboration with the program Grand bien vous faire.

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In his new book, the culinary columnist of Ali Rebeihi’s show offers simple recipes to share with friends.

The roasted feta

A recipe of absolute simplicity. Place the feta in a baking dish. Then, pour a drizzle of olive oil. Sprinkle with Espelette pepper. Bake at 200 degrees for five minutes. And then five more minutes under the broiler. And then it’s over!

Cooked roasted feta has a much milder, creamier taste. The olive oil by frying it, makes it melting, and the Espelette pepper will raise its notes a little bit.

An easy anchovy recipe to dip your carrot or cucumber sticks.

You need 125 grams of desalted and cleaned anchovies, a quarter of a new onion or spring onion, a handful of flat-leaf parsley leaves, half a clove of garlic, degermed, because otherwise, it “reproaches”, 20 cl of olive oil, a pinch of fine sugar. We’re going to mix it all up. As soon as the mixture is smooth enough, we will go up with the olive oil, a bit like a mayonnaise. And it’s ready. It will completely change your carrot experience!

Neapolitan fried pizza.

In Italy, in Naples, they make fried pizzas. For this, we will go to his baker and buy uncooked bread dough. It doesn’t cost much at all. It’s the price of a baguette and we can use it like pizza dough. We spread it.

We will take ten balls of mozzarella di bufala, 60 grams of arugula, of course, frying oil, a small tin of peeled, crushed tomatoes or, depending on the season, fresh tomatoes. Two sprigs of fresh basil, three teaspoons of tomato purée and a little olive oil.

We will mix the arugula, the mozzarella, the tomato with the olive oil. Then, we spread out the dough, we cut it into triangles, a bit like slices of pie. Then, we will make a ball towards the tip, and fold it up. A ball with the arugula, the tomato dresses it with mozzarella and then the basil. We fold, we roll and we fold the sides so as to have an airtight shape. Roll the ball in your hand and then fry at 180 degrees. She has to color. It goes very quickly, the mozzarella will have melted. It is a simple recipe to make, which is exceptional.

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Bonus: a listener asks what to do with a pasta recipe? The chef suggests making an omelette, like a tortilla, but with pasta and it’s excellent. You can make a pasta salad, if they are plain. If they are in sauce, then we will make a gratin with meat or vegetables.

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