Straight? Homo? Stéphane Plaza finally answers the question

During an interview with The Sunday newspaperthe real estate agent and star host of M6 said more about his sexuality.

Since 2006, Stéphane Plaza has invited himself into French life every week through numerous television programs broadcast on M6. “Apartment or house search”, “House for sale”, “Apartment hunters”, to name only the best known. An omnipresence coupled with a strong capital sympathy which made him the favorite animator of the French. “It’s a daydream. Of course I’m happy, of course I’m moved, of course I’m still shedding a little tear… This time, I’m also going to take a little rest. I really want to rest, recharge my batteries and come back with a lot of positive energy to be able to defend this title.”he admitted to us last December.

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And for good reason. In addition to being a real estate agent on television and in real life (he has more than 600 real estate agencies), Stéphane Plaza also thrives on stage. After Left when exiting the elevator and The Fusehe is currently playingA magical couple, a play by Laurent Ruquier, with Jeanfi Janssens and Valérie Mairesse. On this occasion, Stéphane Plaza spoke at length to the Sunday newspaper. And as often, the question of his sexuality was put on the carpet.

It must be said that the host of almost 52 years has always maintained the mystery. In his broadcasts, the real estate agent takes malicious pleasure in “flirting” with both women and men. “I am happy but not PACS! Understand who wants. Those who don’t understand may continue to say I’m gay, or gay, but I don’t mind. I have neither to deny nor to confirm. It’s in the realm of privacy.”he told TV 7 days in 2017. “I am in love with life. But I would say “passionate” rather. Some would prefer to know if I am in love in life, and not with life, but I have decided not to answer anymore. When we talk about his private life, it’s immediately listed, engraved in stone, even distorted… I prefer to ignore”added the one who has never displayed himself on someone’s arm.

However, during the interview with our colleague from Sunday newspaperStéphane Plaza ended up answering the age-old question. “I find it crazy that people ask this kind of question about me. Well, I say it for the first time: I am heterosexual. So”he finally let go.

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