“Sums that we do not earn”: Olivier Gayat (Large families) evokes the crazy income of his daughter Olivia

It is an understatement to say that the show Large families, life in XXL changed the life of the tribe Gayat. By joining the program in 2020, parents Olivier and Soukdavone have built up a good reputation, which has proven to be successful. Indeed, thanks to social networks, they now receive very comfortable incomes.

Now I manage to make a good living“, confirmed Olivier Gayat during his interview with Jordan De Luxe for Entertainment TV. Anyone who has a construction business can today pay himself a salary of one “minimum 4,000 euros per month“.”Afterwards, it can go up more“, he indicated. Added to this are the gains reported by his wife Soukdavone thanks to her new status as an influencer as well as the help of family allowances, “which is not huge“, according to them. “About 750 or 800 euros” per month. A sum calculated in relation to the five children they still have in their care (their three eldest have left the family nest). Although their lifestyle has been significantly improved, the Gayats still play it cautiously, avoiding follies of all kinds.

I had a hard time

The one that can be fun, on the other hand, is their daughter Olivia (26 years). And for good reason, the mother of Kayden (1 year and a half) would receive much more than her parents since she started to make product placements on Instagram. “She earns money that we don’t earn“, revealed Olivier Gayat, for whom it was hard to take. “I admit, at first I had a hard time“, he admitted, explaining that he did not immediately grasp the extent of the work she provides on a daily basis compared to him. “The dad who works 8 or 10 hours a day… And to Back then, I wasn’t winning 4,000 bucks, I was winning 1,500 bucks. And I rowed, I rowed“, he confided.

But after seeing him at work, Olivier could only accept the situation. “And when I saw her really doing her job, even I stopped doing product placements. For me, it was too complicated. I didn’t like it“, he confessed. Today, Olivia does not fail to share with her parents the fruit of her activities on the networks. “She’s really generous to us“, underlined Soukdavone. And for her husband to add: “From time to time, she gives us an envelope, without being asked. She buys us a gift or something branded… she thinks of the whole family“.

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