tackle Apple for Huawei, the ruthless Parifex Nano radar and end clap for Voyager 1

Contents this week: the feedback from our journalist Romain Vitt who replaced all his Apple equipment with Huawei products for 3 months, all about the Parifex Nano, new automatic radar terror of motorists, the Voyager 1 probe begins to give the sign that we are coming to the final end of the mission, and finally Ryanair which announces price increases for this summer.

Use 100% Huawei products for 3 months: review and opinion

Our journalist Romain Vitt had the courage to replace all his Apple hardware with Huawei for 3 months. The firm is however still affected by American retaliatory measures which prevent it from using many American technologies and software, in particular the Google Play Store. As a result, Huawei smartphones and tablets, to name a few, cannot offer as many applications as on Android smartphones with Google Play Store. But is this for all that prohibitive? Answer in this feedback.

What is the Parifex Nano, this radar that many motorists will hate

parifex nano

The Ministry of the Interior is in the process of installing the first Parifex Nano – a new type of automatic radar much more formidable than those already present on the edges of the roads. This multi-function device can control speed in both directions and across multiple lanes with precision – all with built-in LiDAR. It can also check compliance with safety distances, crossing red lights, white lines and other offences. Here is everything you need to know about this new kind of radar.

The Voyager 1 probe seems close to the end of its mission

Voyager Probe Replica

JPL, which has been actively tracking the Voyager 1 probe for 50 years, is beginning to receive increasingly inconsistent data from the probe. However, it is not a surprise: never has an electronic device designed by man had known such a long lifespan. Whatever happens, the probe’s energy source, a plutonium battery, should be exhausted around 2025. The near end of the mission is therefore inevitable at this stage.

Ryanair threatens to ruin the holidays of thousands of customers

Ryanair ruined vacation

Ryanair announces an increase of between 10% and 15% in flight prices this summer. The airline is thus seeking to regain some profitability against a backdrop of exploding fuel prices, the war in Ukraine, and the consequences of the Covid. The situation should lead many holidaymakers to fall back on destinations closer than usual – mainly in the European area. Ryanair, however, announces that it will maintain low fares to and from Poland, to help Ukrainian refugees cut the distance with their families, and intends to reopen direct connections with the country at war as soon as technically possible.

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