The Apple Watch crushes the North American smartwatch market

L’AppleWatch dominates the global connected watch market, and this is even more true in the North American market. Market analyst firm CUJO AI Labs has released its small numbers, and they’re frankly flattering for Apple. Thus, we learn that nearly 9 out of 10 households (89% exactly) would have at least one Apple device! 50% of households would even have 5 to 10 devices marked with an apple. Amazing.

The installed base of iOS would be 69%, again a real shock compared to the rest of the world, where these percentages are reversed. Even the Mac would still reach 22% market share in the North American market, more than twice its global market share.

The most overwhelming domination is to be attributed to the Apple Watch, which occupies 91.9% of the North American connected watch market! Samsung would recover a few crumbs with 5.9% of Pdm while the other manufacturers would barely share 2 points of Pdm.

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