The brazier-plancha Ofyr is equipped with a pizza oven

Often copied, never equaled, the cooking plate of the brazier-plancha Ofyr makes all kitchens possible. Generous, it offers different temperature zones for the preparation of several foods simultaneously.

It is a cooking appliance whose precision rivals the best kitchen pianos. Ofyr’s secret? A round plate made in the Netherlands with unique know-how and a steel-based alloy. A thickness of 12 mm guarantees optimal thermal properties. Thanks to the slight inclination of this plate, the residue flows naturally towards the flames for the development of healthy cooking, while facilitating cleaning. Last point, the Ofyr plate is certified for CE food contact, a sign of essential quality. Both brazier, plancha and grill, Ofyr is a cooking unit that revolutionizes outdoor meals and allows you to spend a convivial moment while cooking.

Ofyr pizza oven

Ofyr pizza oven

After Ofyr Tabl’o, the griddle that comes to the table completely independently, it’s the turn of the Ofyr pizza oven to enchant the lives of lovers of Neapolitan-style dolce vita. Available for the Ofyr 85 and 100, it consists of a double-sided cast iron plate, a pizza stone and a double rotating steel bell to define the opening and the circulation of the heat. An essential piece to complete the outdoor kitchen of lovers of authentic wood-fired pizza.

Pizza oven for Brazier-plancha Ofyr, 429 €

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