the City Council took legal action to have the Gang of pizza kiosk removed

Gang of pizza 17, these are eight kiosks under 5 m2. Six are located in northern Aunis and two in southern Vendée. Stéphane Brillant has never made a secret of “preferring to work with individuals rather than with town halls”. For this, the pizza maker from Marans relies on what he describes as a “legal vacuum”. For a few tens of euros monthly rental, Stéphane Brillant installs the national franchise kiosks on private land, like the latest in Esnandes.

Wednesday, May 18, during the municipal council, Gang of pizza 17 was again invited to the menu. The mayor, Didier Geslin, has had the right to take legal action against Pierre Lhermitte who has rented, at the northern entrance to the village, a piece of his land to Stéphane Brillant so that he can install his eighth kiosk. The four elected opposition members voted against. Frédéric Braud, municipal councilor of the majority but today in dissidence, preferred to abstain.

” Respect the law “

Didier Geslin’s desire is to enforce two framework documents: the local intermunicipal urban plan (PLUI) and the coastal risk protection plan (PPRL). “You have to follow the rules. In 2021, the city councilor banned the opening of an outdoor grill in the same area of ​​the PPRL, still on private land.

The opposition speaks of “spending public money on a very long legal procedure”. And to confide: “We have difficulty understanding this judicial commitment. “For his part, the first deputy mayor, Rémi Desplantes, talks about his contact with Stéphane Brillant: “We cannot discuss with people who get into you. »

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