The modern Citroën 2CV that everyone dreams of?

A Citroën 2CV with modern technology, equipped with an electric motor? On paper, there would be enough to beat the Dacia Spring and the current cheap city cars.

The Citroën 2CV is one of those sacred icons in the history of the chevron brand (and of the automobile in general). A reference that sometimes still inspires the designers of the French manufacturer more than thirty years after its disappearance, but that the leaders of Citroën have never dared to resuscitate. So, what would happen if the Stellantis group seriously decided to bring back the Citroën 2CV without violating the very particular philosophy of the original model?

This is exactly the idea of ​​this style study by Dejan Hristov, a talented Macedonian designer who dreams of a modern Citroën 2CV compatible with current standards. Exit therefore the small thermal twin of the “Deuche”, replaced by a fully electric powertrain much more in the era of time. But the lines remain faithful to the inimitable silhouette of the original 2CV, with marked fenders and a chubby profile.

Too ambitious?

Designed as a design icon, this virtual incarnation of the Citroën 2CV would perhaps forget the main thing: lowering the selling price as much as possible to embody the popular car par excellence. We also wonder if such a chassis architecture (with a very marked difference between the hood and the fenders) would remain compatible with the regulations in force in terms of passive safety or pedestrian impacts. But what a mouth! It should be noted of course that this virtual style study has nothing to do with the Citroën teams and no chance of resulting in a real production model.

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