the most famous Roman pizzeria in the city reopens in Strasbourg!

In Strasbourg, there are three subjects that unleash passions: the Christmas market, the bicycle/pedestrian war and pizzas. It is the latter that we are going to talk about today. We forget for a moment the Neapolitan pizza, its soft dough and its edges as high as wide to go to meet Federico and his accent. Well known to locals, it has for a long time been one of the only ambassadors local Roman pizza, crispy and melting. From now on, on the side of the avenue de la Forêt Noire, he has decided to have fun and open a large pizzeria, between bar and Italian restaurant. Small tour of the owner.

16 years ago, in 2006, Federico opened the first pizzeria in Strasbourg dedicated to Roman pizza by the slice (a thick, melting and crispy dough). The idea was simple: we could come at any time of the day to send each other on the go one or two slices of a pizza of our choice, street-food style. Over the years, the mayonnaise takes and the people of Strasbourg are conquered. The recipes change and evolve, the pizzas are colored and diversified, the boss sets the mood: it’s a change from the classic ceremonial of a restaurant, however qualitative it may be.

Today, after a well-deserved break of several years (the team has not been idle for all that), the maestro of the stoves and his black beret are back, close to the university, in a place that is worth a look. He, his sidekick Daniele and his entire team are now based in an old brewery (La Brasserie de La Forêt Noire). Even if this is only the beginning (the restaurant opened on March 30, 2022), we feel that the team is going to have a blast and so are we.

Come A Roma, pizzas and la dolce vita

From now on, at number 1 Rue Stimmer (near EM and Place Arnold), you will find the 2+ version of Come A Roma and a whole bunch of new features that we didn’t expect. In this restaurant, bright and big enough to park a tourist bus, it’s like being in the Eternal City, simply because Federico thought of it as such. Cobblestones on the ground, street names on the walls, tiles imported from Italy, real columns made by a stonemason, Piaggio parked inside and outside: the expression “go to the end of your ideas” takes here all its meaning. With its pretty outdoor terrace, its pizzas presented at the entrance and its fully equipped bar, we are no longer just on fast food.

Today, Daniele, Federico, his family and his acolytes intend to create a real dynamic in the neighborhood by welcoming guests in a hurry as well as those who want to take it easy for hours. With this new address, they are very keen to bring some sweet life throughout the day in this district which ultimately has quite a few bars. Aperitivo pizza cocktails, small tapas, salads, fried foods, grilled peppers, homemade desserts and why not pasta: the chefs have wagons full of ideas for the coming months. But let’s not forget, who is the star here? It’s PIZZA ROMANA!

Exceptional organic flour, cocoa and even hemp: a pizza quality that doesn’t mess around!

With his years of experience (you will also find his face if you type “pizza by the slice” on Wikipedia), Federico is a bit like the Philippe Etchebest in his category, and more fun. After years as a pizza maker, especially in Rome, he decided to bend the pizza game to the slice in Strasbourg. Today, Daniele and him offer dozens of recipes, mostly organic, with a lot of vegetarian recipes. Its dough rises for at least 72 hours, its yeast is homemade, its products, mostly organic too, are most often picked up on the market at the end of the street (Marché de la Marne) or from producers that he knows.

Recipe with taleggio sausage and sprouted onions, provolone, zucchini, eggplant and parmesan, mushroom and truffle, tuna and olive, arugula and dried tomatoes, pancetta and gorgonzola, spicy salami… We are on real recipes that are unusual and full of creativity. “We try to develop our recipes according to the seasons of course, but also to create new recipes with original flavor combinations, always to stand out and offer something new!, explains the boss. ” We have our classics, timeless, and more twisted variations. In fact, the dough is like a plate and we cook on it. Red, white, crostino base, we can do everything and we don’t really have any limits”. In addition, a small bonus to note: on the Roman pizza by the cut, there is no edge (a maximum of products, for more pleasure).

The little ones and the big ones +

  • The restaurant and its bar are open all day, a real plus for the neighborhood. We now have a friendly and spacious place to come and work in the afternoon, have a coffee in the morning before work or a cocktail when we want.
  • It’s a friendly place
  • Fresh, organic products, well-stocked pizzas and generosity, we are on a real quality pizz that changes a little from the usual round pizzas
  • The desserts are obviously homemade
  • Here, no coke, no Fanta, can or plastic: everything that is liquid is in glass and comes either from the corner or from Italy. We can note a real approach to consume less and better, and this is not an insignificant detail!

Come A Roma

1 Rue Stimmer
67000 Strasbourg
Open non-stop all day, Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. and from 9 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday and Saturday
Facebook page
The website

*Article supported but not reviewed by Come a Roma.

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