the mother of a child hospitalized after eating a Buitoni pizza testifies on BFMTV

Noémie Parchantour told BFMTV of her son Tyler’s pain a few days after eating a Buitoni brand pizza. Hospitalized in emergency, he is now off the hook.

Relief can be seen on his face. Noémie Parchantour is coming out of several difficult weeks during which her son Tyler had to be hospitalized in an emergency. The young boy is one of the children who fell seriously ill after consuming a contaminated Buitoni pizza.

“A few days after consuming this pizza, Tyler had a stomach ache, he had diarrhea, vomiting… Seeing that his symptoms persisted, we made the decision to take him to the emergency room”, testifies the mother of family on BFMTV.

“It’s very difficult as a parent”

It is at this time that the news falls: the doctors warn Noémie Parchantour that Tyler is in serious condition. His kidneys are not working, he is close to having a heart attack and must be taken care of quickly because every minute counts.

“It’s very difficult as a parent,” says Tyler’s mother, who then learns that her son’s condition is linked to “something he ate”. It was only later, when Public Health France issued its first reports, that Noémie Parchantour understood that the Buitoni pizza consumed by her son was behind it all.

“We talk to you about dialysis, about his kidneys so as a parent you know it’s serious. We tell you that there may be other after-effects which fortunately did not take place for us”, continues Noemie Parchantour.

“An industrialist has rules to respect”

Fortunately, Tyler will not have a neurological disability and his lungs were not affected. During his hospitalization, his condition improved. After the fear of losing her son, a completely different feeling takes hold of the mother of the family.

“We are angry, we are disgusted to see that because we fed our child he is in this state, to see the videos of the company …”, reports Noémie Parchantour, denouncing in the same time the “shortcomings” of the factory where its manufactured pizzas contaminated by the E. coli bacterium.

“An industrialist does not have the right to do that, he has rules to respect,” she judges, claiming that she has still not been contacted by the brand. “We would like the group to react, to apologize and to recognize its responsibilities”, adds Noémie Parchantour.

Tyler’s health is improving

The mother of the family also regrets that two other ranges of the Buitoni brand – incriminated by consumers – are not withdrawn from the frozen shelves: “if there is the slightest doubt, I think that the manufacturer should say to himself ‘I don’t take the risk and I’ll stop selling these products.'”

Pending the legal follow-up to the case, however, Noémie sees her son Tyler gradually regaining strength.

“He has become a fearless child again who runs, plays, walks. But he remains with damage to his kidneys. Today he is fine, but in a few years he may have problems again that could affect him. in his personal life,” she concludes, referring to “uncertainty for the rest of his life.”

Hugues Garnier BFMTV journalist

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