The Réseau Entreprendre Limousin presents a check to the Mamma Pizza e Pasta pizzeria in Guéret (Creuse)

Hugo Taillandier and Alexandre Lavedrine were to unveil their project at the end of 2021 but unforeseen events had postponed the opening date of the pizzeria Mamma Pizza e Pasta for April 2022.

They are going to open a pizzeria in Guéret (Creuse) four months late: the concept, their joys and “beautiful galleys”

The help of the Réseau Entreprendre Limousin is therefore welcome. The association sets up financial and personal support for business creators and buyers.

Alexandre Lavedrine expresses his relief: “As we were leaving with brand new equipment, we didn’t want to have any surprises like with the additional work we had to do when setting up the business”.

With this support, we won’t have to be stuck for lack of funding.

Alexandre Lavedrine (empty)

Réseau Entreprendre Limousin is an association made up of volunteer business leaders. The president, Jean-François Nardot-Peyrille, explains how it works: “The project leader approaches us and we will help him to put together his business file. He then goes before the commitment committee and if the judgment is favourable, the new entrepreneur will have access to support from the network”.

The terms of this support?

An honor loan without guarantee and without interest in the form of a check to reinforce the funds of the project leader and to be repaid little by little. Both the Region and the Agglomeration Community have contributed to the €20,000 invested.

And beyond the financial aspect, an entrepreneur from the network will serve as their sponsor, in contact with them for a minimum of two years. They will also join the 150 members of the Laureates’ Club.

La Creuse, a land of entrepreneurs?

The person in charge of helping the partners to prepare their file was Patrick Charlier. He believes: “These two young people who are quite sure of themselves but attentive were interesting to accompany”.

Charlotte Mathiot


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