Tip: How do you “reboot” your Apple Studio Display?

The Studio Display is not just a screen, it’s a full-fledged iOS device!

Therefore, as some have seen, it sometimes bugs or crashes: black screen, frozen camera, sound issues… Short, When in doubt, reboot ! is often the only solution. But it is not enough to unplug the cable to restart the screen!

• Disconnect the plug
• Wait about 5 seconds
• Reconnect the cable

It is in fact the only way to reboot the screen, which has no button. On the other hand, if you never unplug it, it will always remain alight, like leaving your iPhone plugged in. It is also quite strange that Apple grafted a chip and an iOS system to it only to manage the sound and the camera – we would have liked a somewhat autonomous screen, like the famous Samsung M8.

Here is our test of the Apple Studio Display!

Tip: How to

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