To defend the App Store, Apple once again draws favorable studies

Apple launches the offensive again to defend its business, through two (!) new studies on the economy of iOS apps. The first of them, devoted to small developers, is to be taken with the usual tweezers since the data is provided by Apple, which moreover “supported” the study. The other document related to the economics of iOS and Android apps in the United States was produced independently.

In April alone, Apple funded two studies, one on the policy for monitoring advertising tracking, the other on the state of competition in the App Store. There is no doubting the seriousness of these status reports, carried out by economists and professors.

But the fact that they are sponsored by Apple and that their conclusions are extremely favorable to it still leaves a not very delicate scent of big clogs. This is all the more so as the manufacturer does not order these studies at random. On both sides of the Atlantic, regulators are preparing to strike hard against Apple’s practices, whether on the App Store or on other competition-related issues.

The WWDC’s approach also logically pushes the manufacturer to communicate on the benefits of its activity, both for developers and for the economy in general. We therefore learn that the App Store and the entire ecosystem that revolves around it were the source of 2.2 million jobs in the United States last year.

Revenue from this business by small developers (up to $1 million in revenue per year and less than 1 million downloads per year) increased by 113% between 2019 and 2021; that’s more than double that for larger developers. In the United States, the increase is 118%, in France it is downright 122%.

This is for Apple to highlight the opportunities offered by the App Store. In essence, it’s also a way of telling regulators that if things were going so badly, there wouldn’t be as many developers rushing into the store (to which one could reply that they didn’t really have a problem). other choice!). In 2021, 24% of newly registered developers were from Europe, 23% from China, 14% from the United States. More than 90% of developers on the App Store are “small” developers who can take advantage of the Small Business program to earn a 15% commission.


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