UNUSUAL. He invented the large bicoupe to cut pizzas better, and won a gold medal at the Lépine competition.

Jason Noblet, trained in Troyes (Aube) and inventor of the large bicoupe, was rewarded by the jury of the Lépine competition. His invention won a gold medal: it is a pizza/pie/quiche roller that also acts as a bottle opener.

Have you ever struggled to cut your pizza properly? This hassle is a thing of the past by using a large double-cutter. We already told you about it.

Bringing together a large bi (the ancestor of the bicycle), this invention serves as a pizza wheel, quiche, pie (the second wheel makes it easy to cut the crust). It also includes a bottle opener.

Jason Noblet activated his brains to design this sparkling utensil. On Wednesday, May 11, a gold medal from the Lépine competition rewarded this engineer. The latter studied in Troyes (Aube) and exhibited his work at the Paris fair (see on the map below).

The inventor, who promotes sustainable materials, is delighted with this highlighting. He told France 3 Champagne-Ardenne that if this simple and practical product was popular, it was because it was design and useful, it is a bottle opener, and you can put it upside down so as not to dirty the table. In addition, it is made in France.”

“It’s a great pride”adds his mother, Florence Noblet. “We did not expect such a reward.” The whole family, which helps with the assembly – by hand – in the village of Herbisse (Aube), is “very happy” (and was warmly thanked by the son when he announced the result of the contest, see Facebook post below).

Jason Noblet has already sold 2,000 large bicoupes, at 37.90 euros each (you can choose the color). And success is not likely to run out of steam.

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