Watering your plants once a year: the new Israeli MediumX technology, a small revolution

The Israeli startup Tomgrow with the University of Tel Aviv, have developed a technology that will create a small revolution in the world of plants.
This technology, dubbed MediumX, will make it possible to simply water your plants once or twice a year, instead of once or twice a week, while ensuring good health and a long life.

The technique uses an efficient platform that is good for the environment and easy to use.

It will initially allow farmers and companies and then individuals to grow plants independently and in closed spaces, without the need to water them regularly and with daily monitoring of the state of the plant.

MediumX comes in the form of a transparent gel cube in which the plant is planted instead of in the ground. This cube is made of 99% water and nourishing products and made of a 3D nanoscale grid which can retain water and essential elements for the plant. Thus, the plant is optimally preserved for a long time and it uses daily only what it needs.
This technology allows you to no longer worry about watering your plant regularly since doing it once or twice a year will suffice. This amounts to a saving of 75% of water needs compared to a plant that grows in the ground.

MediumX also features a sensor that regularly monitors, scans and transmits plant status information in a “cloud”. These are data such as water and fertilizer content, whether the plant suffers from pests or lack of light and even if someone has tried to pick it. All this data is collected in real time and contributes to preserving the plant over the long term.

Such plants will sell from 960 shekels. Initially, they will be intended for companies, offices, supermarkets, hotels or airports and then they will be marketed for individuals.

The goal of the creators of this technology is, alongside the preservation of the environment and natural resources, to promote smarter agriculture in Israel and around the world in the context of the climate crisis.

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