“We dare to sell inedible products”, a victim from Hérault files a complaint

The health scandal has repercussions throughout France. In Hérault, Morgane has decided to sue the Buitoni brand. His son Marceau, 20 months old at the time, was intoxicated last March after eating Buitoni’s Fraich’up pizza. He had symptoms of gastroenteritis.

The advantage is that he only ate a very small part of it.says Morgane, the mother. Very quickly, he lost his appetite. We received an email from the Drive where I usually do my shopping, with the reminder of Buitoni pizzas and there, we all made the connection. The parents decide to take their son to the emergency room for medical examinations. “Luckily, I have a friend who works at Montpellier University Hospital. He was able to have the results upstream. _Very clearly, it was written that he had been positive for Escherichia coli, the famous bacterium incriminated in Buitoni pizzas_.

Gastroenteritis symptoms

Morgane first feels at fault, she feels guilty. “It was me who fed my son a contaminated food, and unfortunately we can no longer trust.“Guilt quickly turns to anger, at the Buitoni brand.”Today, when we see the images of the factory in which these pizzas were made, it makes me mad. We dare to sell, we dare to market products that are inedible.”

Today, when we see the images of the factory in which these pizzas were made, it makes me mad.

All of the brand’s Fraich’up pizzas were made in the Caudry factory in northern France. At the end of March, the inspection of the premises had pointed the presence of rodents and lack of cleaning of manufacturing and storage areas. Searches took place in the factory on 13 April.

Denounce the irresponsibility of the agrifood giant

Morgane is not expecting damages, by suing the Buitoni brand, which belongs to the Nestlé group. She especially points the finger at the irresponsibility of the agrifood giant : “When I think of the families and people still hospitalized, and who will most certainly have consequences, there is really significant anger. They [la marque Buitoni] trying to clear customs, that’s why legal action had to be put in place and quickly.

Public Health France has identified 56 cases of contamination. Among them, 55 are children. Two died.

Little Marceau did not contract a serious form. “Fortunatelycontinues Morgane. But it’s true that in the end he was very affected and impacted and a child of that age who loses his appetite, loses weight easily.

Marceau weighs around ten kilos. He fell below nine kilos after the contamination. He was also very tired: “The little ones need to sleep well too, to assimilate a lot of things and grow well. He was disrupted in his development for a short time.

Morgane is defended, with a collective of about fifteen victims from the four corners of France, by Me Richard Legrand. The investigation has been entrusted to an investigating judge since May 12.

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