“We were asked to rewrite our text”, the #MeTooThéâtre collective will not finally speak on stage

The Molières ceremony, which rewards theater artists, takes place on the evening of Monday May 30 in Paris, from the Folies Bergère. A speech by two actresses who are members of the #MeTooThéâtre collective, which denounces sexist and sexual violence in the theater world, was to take place. They ultimately won’t. “We prepared a text that we sent to them and they called me back to tell me that it was not going to be possible, that I had to rewrite something”denounces on franceinfo Marie Coquille-Chambel, theater critic and feminist activist of the #MeTooThéâtre collective.

“For us it was impossible to rewrite, to be censored, not to be able to speak freely about violence”, she adds. Censorship charges rejected by Jean-Marc Dumontet, the president of Molières, whom franceinfo was able to join. According to him, the text prepared by the activists did not correspond to the agreement reached, referring in particular to specific cases. “The text denounced the presence of rapists in the room”which for him is a “totally gratuitous aggression”.

This speech was to be centered around a proposal, namely “the establishment of a referent on sexual assault in each theater or company”except according to Jean-Marc Dumontet the text did not mention it. “We were told that our text did not correspond to the ceremony, in the sense that it is not festive”says Marie Coquille-Chambel on her side.

“Should gender and sexual violence be exposed in a glamorous way?”

Marie Coquille-Chambel, #MeTooTheatre

at franceinfo

The member of the #MeTooThéâtre collective ensures respect for the presumption of innocence. As for the evocation of the personal case, it is that of Marie Coquille-Chambel. “They really take away my word and say to the victims: you can talk but if you don’t disturb”she explains, refusing “gag procedures”. “The release of speech must be done in a civilized framework, and that’s what the Molières wanted to do with us and we refused”concludes Marie Coquille-Chambel.

The members of the #MeTooThéâtre collective are calling for a rally on Monday evening at 7:30 p.m. at the Folies Bergère, on the sidelines of the ceremony.

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