What does the Queen of England represent to you?

The longest reigning monarch. Becoming queen at the age of 25, Elizabeth II put her life at the service of her subjects. With a smile on her lips, she chained official engagements, from receptions of foreign dignitaries at Buckingham Palace to presentations of decorations and tours abroad, before slowing down the pace at the start of the year, as the year approached. of his 70 years of reign.

In the United Kingdom, no monarch has ever reigned so long. Between the divorces of her children and the escapades of her grandchildren, Queen Elizabeth II, now 96 years old, has faced all the scandals that have shaken the British royal family over the years. His face is everywhere: on banknotes, stamps, or mailboxes. And its popularity is immense.

As the world prepares to see the British monarch celebrate 70 years of reign in a platinum jubilee next week, 20 minutes want to know what it means to you. Was she an extraordinary sovereign? At the height of its function and the challenges of this world? Should she have done more to prevent Brexit? What do you remember of his long reign? We are waiting for your testimonies and your arguments, which will be used to write an article. To do this, simply fill out the form below. Thanks in advance.


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