When Apple worries about union members, Microsoft supports them

Microsoft has just confirmed, via one of its spokespersons, that the creation of a new union by the employees of one of its future subsidiaries was not a problem. The information comes directly from Phil Spencer, head of the department Xbox to be compared with the offer of video games on demand Apple Arcade available on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

At the Apple brand, however, relations between management and its employees have been rather tense in recent weeks. Believing that they are not being paid at their fair value, they have also decided to meet in a union, particularly within the Grand Central (New York) brand. But several testimonies accuse Cupertino of trying to block these maneuverswhich could contravene the legislation in force across the Atlantic.

A major studio in the loop

The potential branch of Microsoft concerned in this file is Raven Software, itself under the bosom of the giant Activision Blizzard in the process of being bought by Redmond. Based in Wisconsin, the editor is notably at the origin of successes such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Star Wars Jedi Knight or X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Faced with such successes, Tim Cook is expanding its value proposition with major licenses on Apple Arcade. Sonic Racing, Crossy Road Castle, LEGO Brawls are in particular in the catalog, access to which requires paying 4.99 euros per month. With iOS, however, the developer can claim to be the world’s number one in gaming according to certain criteria.

Regulators are investigating

Anyway, for the moment the acquisition ofActivision Blizzard by Microsoft is still questionable. Indeed, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has its say as the amount of the transaction is high: we are still talking here about sixty-nine billion dollars.

It thus happens in this kind of case that the legislators decide to limit the power of some, this was the case during the aborted takeover of ARM by Nvidia a few months earlier. A key decision for Apple, since the firm also designs its own chips thanks to a major partnership with the Taiwanese founder TSMC.

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