Wizernes: a pizza distributor installed at the entrance to the town

A distributor of homemade and fresh pizzas will operate from Monday, May 30, in the car wash parking lot, opposite the Blot electricity and Aldi establishments in Wizernes. A first in the city.

After Campagne-lès-Wardrecques and Serques, it is the turn of Wizernes to welcome a pizza distributor. Alain Leroy, 47, owner of Plus belle la Frite for many years, had the idea. ” A few years ago, I made and sold pizzas in the chip shop, but I lacked space. It was also difficult to manage fries and pizza at the same time. So I thought why not a distributor! I took back my name which gave The King of the pizza
“says the owner.

Twelve recipes offered

He will come every morning from Hucqueliers to recharge the device. And if necessary, the afternoon too. Twelve different recipes will be offered. The customer will have the choice between getting the pizza raw or cooked. It takes the machine three minutes to cook a pizza, everything is automated! From €9 to €11.90 for a hot pizza. Payment will be made by card only. Opening May 30.

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